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Methadone Clinic Brantford Ontario

A Methadone Addiction Centre to help with your Narcotic Addiction in Brantford, Ontario

Towards Recovery Clinics Inc. (TRC) offers an integrated and interdisciplinary approach so patents interact on a more regular basis with key professional groups which include doctors, clinic staff, pharmacists, and counsellors – all focused on patient recovery.

TRC serves people suffering from abuse of narcotics, prescription narcotics, or individuals displaying any of the following behaviours:  compulsive drug use or drug seeking/craving.  Towards Recovery Clinics Inc. is focused on methadone treatment to help a specific group of people challenged by a specific addiction.

TRC uses methodone treatment to help clients with heroin addiction and with misuse of prescription opiates such as Percocet, oxycontin, Tylenol #3 or #1, morphine, dilaudid, Demerol.  Methadone is a long acting opioid that helps manage cravings and alleviates withdrawal.  It helps people with opioid addictions achieve stability, allowing them to return to healthy and productive lives.

Located in 95 Darling St., Brantford, Ontario this local narcotic treatment centre is centrally located and easily accessible from anywhere in Brantford.  Situated beside St. Andrew’s United Church, TRC’s Brantford Clinic is allowing our clients to work with TRC and learn to manage their addiction in the comfort and security of their hometown.

Call us today at 519-720-0712 or contact us through email to begin your road to recovery.

Who We Serve ?

  • Individuals using/abusing street narcotics (e.g. heroin).
  • Patients abusing prescription narcotics(i.e., Codeine, Talwin, Percocet/Percodan, Dilaudid, Morphine or Demerol, et cetera).
  • Individuals displaying any of the following behaviours: Compulsive drug use or drug seeking/craving.
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