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Values & Mission

Patient first values drive patient success

Towards Recovery Clinics Inc.‘ values are based on 4 pillars:

  1. Patient Centered – TRC ensures respect and understanding for our patients. Helping with recovery starts with putting the patients first, allowing them to feel they have a safe, non-judgmental environment of support and caring. Our primary goal is their recovery.
  2. Clinically Relevant – It is important that our patients receive the most modern, effective treatment program. Their recovery is the sole priority and meeting this goal can be achieved by ensuring that our staff adapt our treatment program to reflect current best practices.
  3. Value-added Programs – It is imperative that our programs remain innovative and strive for excellence in prevention and treatment. Ensuring that we offer necessary support programs will help increase the success of our patients.
  4. Community Supported – TRC believes that this is a two-way street.  TRC works closely with the community to ensure that we are continually working to help our patients move back into successful roles within society. Second is appreciation and listening to the community, working together to provide the best service delivery within a community environment.  We are accountable for our outcomes and work closely with various organizations to maintain our high level of accountability. We are committed to being an integral member of the social secure and addiction agencies providing patient centered care.

Who We Serve ?

  • Individuals using/abusing street narcotics (e.g. heroin).
  • Patients abusing prescription narcotics(i.e., Codeine, Talwin, Percocet/Percodan, Dilaudid, Morphine or Demerol, et cetera).
  • Individuals displaying any of the following behaviours: Compulsive drug use or drug seeking/craving.
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