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Staying Sober While Traveling

Posted on :  July 1st, 2015  |  By :  towardsrecovery

Recovering from addiction can be a lifelong struggle. When you are recovering, you might have the opportunity to travel. Since traveling and vacationing is a good way to relax and decompress from the stresses of life, it is a good idea to take advantage of the time. But, when you are recovering, you have to consider the reality of being away from your home and the new life you have made. Before you decide not to travel, you should know that other people who have been in recovery have traveled and managed to enjoy themselves while vacationing. Here are a few tips to make your time away from home more successful and less stressful:

Do your research: Before you go on vacation, closely research the places that you plan to visit and stay. If you are staying at a resort, you should look to see if the resort has a party atmosphere or a family atmosphere. If you know that a tiki bar near the pool will be too enticing to avoid, then you should look for a resort that does not have alcohol in such a convenient and tempting location.

Look for a local support system: Most communities have support systems for people who are in recovery. Whether you need help with heroin, alcohol, or another addiction, you can research the location’s support groups, clinics, and meetings. Most communities have 12-Step Meetings and cruises also have “Friends of Bill W.” daily meetings, too.

Bring a friend: If you know that traveling on your own will not work, then invite a friend or family member with you. There is strength in numbers, especially when you need a supportive friend who will help you avoid tough situations. You could even arrange for a sober holiday by organizing a big event for others who are in a similar situation. Some travel organizations plan sober vacations for people who are in recovery.

Fill your time: Many vacationers will fall into the habit of relaxing and drinking, but people in recovery need alternatives. The best way to avoid the trap of needing a fix, you should build a daily itinerary that will keep you comfortably busy. See the sites, plan tours, and keep yourself away from the drugs and alcohol.

Try something new: While you are away from home, why not do something new? Maybe you take a cooking class or a yoga class while you are out of town. You can try new food or other activities – like learning to surf. Hike the local parks. Swim in the ocean. Vacation is the time to step out of the norm and live your life. Since you do not have to go to work or wake up to an alarm, you can truly take this time to enjoy yourself and the opportunities that arise.

Just say no: If you are in a place where people are drinking, you do not need join them. There are so many people who choose not to drink, that it is no big deal to see someone drinking water instead of liquor. You might feel out of place, but no one else thinks that you are doing anything strange. You might see like you are the strange one or the focus of attention, but in reality, no one cares if you are not drinking. Take the opportunity to enjoy good conversation, icy cold water, and good music.

Stay alert to your cravings: Even though you are away from home, you should be alert to your triggers. They might include being tired or lonely, hungry or nervous, or excited or sluggish. Pay attention to your feelings and your body so you can stay healthy and in a positive place.

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