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Overcoming Drug Addiction

Posted on :  April 16th, 2014  |  By :  towardsrecovery

Attempting to overcome drug addiction can often feel like a very hopeless and isolating experience.

You may feel that your goals are insurmountable, or feel hindered by past attempts at sobriety. Recovery is rarely, if ever, a smooth process, and no matter how far from your goals you may feel, hope is never lost.

As long as you continue to strive for sobriety, you are on the right path.

Changing your life

Overcoming drug addiction begins with the desire for change, and the recognition that things cannot continue how they have been. This never comes easily.

Even in full knowledge of the detrimental effects that your drug of choice has been having on your life, it can be difficult to let go of old habits. There is nothing wrong with feeling uncertain.

Changing drug addiction requires change in many aspects of your life, including the ways in which you deal with stress, the people in your life, your hobbies, and how you feel about yourself.


If you’ve decided to make the changes in your life necessary to overcome drug addiction, you have another choice to make: how do you want to overcome it?

There’s no one size fits all model for overcoming drug addiction, so keep the following considerations in mind when picking the best treatment for you:

  • Flexibility is important: As just mentioned, recovery doesn’t follow one path and rarely, if ever, is that path a smooth one. Your treatment plan needs to accommodate this.
  • It should be far-reaching: Addiction is not limited to itself. It affects everything, and a good treatment plan should involve the rest of your life.
  • Aftercare is vital: Recovery from addiction does not just involve being handed a treatment plan and being sent off on your merry way. You need follow-up.
  • You need a support network: Recovery requires the help of others. Make sure your plan involves support workers, sponsors, and loved ones.

Implementing your plan

Overcoming drug addiction demands that you find things in your life to occupy the role that drugs were playing.This means that you must find alternative ways to cope with stress and the negative nuances of daily life.

There are numerous ways to do this, but some or all of the following have been successful time and time again for recovering addicts.

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Avoiding triggers and cravings
  • Baths
  • Taking on new projects
  • Adopting a pet
  • Look after your health

If you’re looking to change your life and overcome drug addiction and live in the Hamilton, Toronto, Ontario area, then contact Towards Recovery Addiction Center on 519-579-0589.


Who We Serve ?

  • Individuals using/abusing street narcotics (e.g. heroin).
  • Patients abusing prescription narcotics(i.e., Codeine, Talwin, Percocet/Percodan, Dilaudid, Morphine or Demerol, et cetera).
  • Individuals displaying any of the following behaviours: Compulsive drug use or drug seeking/craving.
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