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No More Reactions: Learn to be Proactive Instead

Posted on :  June 5th, 2015  |  By :  towardsrecovery

One of the most common problems for people who are fighting addictions is being reactive. While trying to change behavior, it is easy to get overwhelmed and let negative emotions and reactions take over. Instead of getting angry, frustrated, or confused, you can respond in a way that allows you to not lose your cool. These tips are designed to help you be mindful about your behaviors so you can pause before you explode. While not all of the responses are appropriate for every moment, you should be able to use these tips in some way that can help you.

Count to Ten: The pause is a tool that can help save you from saying or doing something you could regret. Any time that you start to feel anger, the best thing to do is to pause and count to ten. This will give your mind the time to calm down so you can address the situation without losing your cool.

No Conclusions: Many people suffer from their thoughts about other people. When we start to worry about what people think about us, we lose awareness of the world around us because we are so caught up in our thoughts. Instead of jumping to conclusions about other people, it is better to only focus on the facts about your relationship with that person. Assumptions are not real, they are only thoughts that can cause unnecessary suffering.

Walk in the Shoes of Others: Like drawing unnecessary conclusions, when you look at the facts surrounding the people around you, you can think about the facts that those people are dealing with. Instead of worrying about what those people are thinking about you (because you do not know), look at their real struggles. Maybe they are dealing with a loss of a loved one, changes at work, family problems, or health issues. People are generally reactive because they have too many stressors in their lives.

Not Knowing is OK: If you need to make a decision and you are unsure of your answer, it is perfectly fine to say that you are, ¨Not sure, yet.¨ If you are being pressured, this answer will relieve the pressure. It is better to leave the situation open then to answer in a way that can create more stress. There is nothing wrong with thinking about an answer before giving it so you do not regret the choice you made in a reactive situation. You could always say ¨No,¨ too.

Experience Your Emotions: Your emotions are perfectly human, so it is better to experience them when they arise. However, when they have served their purpose and the body no longer needs them, do not return to them by thinking about them. Thinking about past emotions can create stress and cause unwanted reactions. Your body will feel the emotion when it is needed, then will send off the emotion when it the time is right.

Feed Your Body: What you put into your body will help with your reactions to stressful situations. One of the most beneficial foods that helps reduce stress is green tea, especially if it is decaffeinated. If you do not like the flavor of green tea, it is best for your body to avoid any caffeinated beverages because they increase feelings of nervousness.

Exercise: Raising the heart rate is good for the body. As your body becomes stronger, more flexible, and fit, your self-esteem will increase. You will notice how good you feel and this will help you avoid reacting in negative ways. Whether you go for a walk, lift weights, or attend a yoga class, adding regular exercise will do wonders for you inside and out.

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