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How to have More Fun in Addiction Treatment Program

Posted on :  April 12th, 2014  |  By :  towardsrecovery

There are several reasons that recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is best thought of as recovery from an illness.

Among them is that it is a process in which opportunities for fun can seem a little scarce, but laughter can be the best medicine, especially when you’re looking for new behaviors that can replace older ones which, in some way, brought you pleasure.

Here are 5 ways to have more fun in your addiction treatment:

Start Swimming

Though all physical activity offers a great way to give yourself a natural, healthy high, swimming is proven to be incredibly therapeutic.

What’s more, it’s easy to get into, and keep up regularly, and won’t break the bank.

Learn Something

Starting a new project, finding a new hobby, or learning something new are all great ways to have fun and the recovery process is a great time to try one of them.

Not only will you have fun finding a new passion, you’ll also feel a real sense of accomplishment.

It’s really important to add things to your life that couldn’t have existed were you not to change your old behaviors, because they will make it easier for you to look at your situation now versus your situation then and feel reassured that you are making the right decision.

Join a Class

Joining a class or a workshop can have similar benefits to learning something new, but there’s one added element that can make it that bit more effective: social interaction.

Connecting with people who share your interests can target the isolation many recovering drug addicts feel, and can also make the activity you’re learning about that bit more fun at the same time.

Don’t give up thrill-seeking

Recovering from drug addiction and giving up older methods of thrill-seeking does not mean you need to relinquish your identity as a thrill-seeker altogether.

There are numerous ways to get an adrenaline rush without resorting to alcohol or drugs.

Plenty of outdoor pursuits are great for this, including kayaking, surfing, mountain biking, skiing or, if you’re feeling really brave, sky-diving and bungee jumping.

Spend time with love ones

Many addicts find that isolating themselves can facilitate the addiction itself, so it’s important to spend time with friends and family, who can help break the chains of addiction.

You needn’t overcomplicate it: going to the cinema, making dinner together, engaging in new activities as a family and taking walks together can all help define this new stage in your life.

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