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Drug Treatment Options

Posted on :  April 8th, 2016  |  By :  towardsrecovery

Once a drug addict has decided to seek treatment, they will need to decide what type of treatment will work best for them. Prior to making a decision, addicts should recognize that each treatment method works differently for each addict. So, one option might seem attractive, but it might not be effective. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options available.

Know Your Options

After the addict recognizes that there are many options, they need to investigate what will most likely work best. Drug addicts cannot simply snap their fingers and be immediately cured. The best drug treatment programs are individualized, because the one-size-fits-all design does not work well for everyone.

Find a Treatment Program that Works for You

The best treatment programs will teach addicts how to recover and how to live without drugs. Successful programs teach addicts how to return to a healthy lifestyle that includes living with family, interacting with friends, maintaining a career, and staying healthy. But, no program will be successful without the work of the addict and the dedication to recovery. So, top programs will help addicts understand the importance of learning to manage stress and they will do so by addressing the reason that addicts began their drug addiction. This can be painful for addicts to face.

Realize the Magic Pill Does Not Exist

Since there is no magic pill that will treat addiction, addicts need to recognize that it takes time to recover. The time it takes to recover is often relative to the degree of the addiction. People who have been taking drugs for many years will have a longer recovery period than those who have been addicted for a few months. But, both will require follow-up treatment after the original treatment time has ended. During this time, the addict will have to maintain their commitment to wellness.

Addicts need to know that the treatment center is not the only option for them. Although it is a powerful option for addicts, the treatment center can be used in conjunction with other options. Some people will perform best in detox programs or rehab facilities with overnight stays, others do better working with regular appointments with counselors or social workers. Some have better luck working with their clergy. Some need a combination of options for real success.

Find Help in Several Places

Along with drug addiction, patients seeking help should also get help in other areas of their lives that are causing problems. For example, depression often accompanies addiction, so that should be treated, too. Addiction treatment should also be accompanied with lesson about lifestyle changes so the addict can maintain a successful recovery.

Where to Find Support

To not fall back into the troubles of addiction, it is important for recovering addicts to have a support system. It is important to have a support system with several layers that can be accessed at any time.

If one of the layers is unavailable, another one can be used. Those layers should include friends and family who will be the first line of defense. The next layer should include a group of friends who are sober. This group can be found at a church, a health club, or even at a volunteer agency. These are people who can have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol. Some addicts will even choose to move into a facility that is for people who are recovering from drug addiction. These sober homes are a great alternative for people who have drug addicts living in their homes.

Another helpful thing to do is attend support-group meetings. In most towns, there are meetings happening on a daily basis. Whether you attend a meeting for alcoholics or drug addicts, they will all be helpful. The fellow attendees will usually have tips and experiences to share and you can also benefit from sharing with them.

If you have any questions or concerns about drug treatment options for recovery, or if you are worried about an addiction, please contact us at 905-527-2042 or email at

Who We Serve ?

  • Individuals using/abusing street narcotics (e.g. heroin).
  • Patients abusing prescription narcotics(i.e., Codeine, Talwin, Percocet/Percodan, Dilaudid, Morphine or Demerol, et cetera).
  • Individuals displaying any of the following behaviours: Compulsive drug use or drug seeking/craving.
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