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Drug Addiction Treatment Quotes to Help in Your Recovery

Posted on :  December 26th, 2016  |  By :  towardsrecovery

There is a general feeling of being alone when you are on the road to recovery.  Sometimes you entertain a sentiment that there is nobody out there who really understands what you are experiencing at the moment.  This is especially true as friends (and sometimes even family members) begin to abandon you because of different reasons.  Keep in mind that even if you have successfully completed recovery, there is no assurance that you will not go into relapse; so you need all the inspiration and dedication you can muster to make sure you make recovery permanent.

Can it help?

Drug addiction treatment quotes do not really carry some kind of magic cure that will get you out of addiction at a snap of your fingers.  However, they can provide guidance and reminder to make sure that you do not stray away from the path of recovery.  Being able to relate to those who have walked the steps you are going through now is an extremely powerful tool especially if you are struggling to stay on your feet and continue on.  Here are some quotes for you.

  • “Never quit. If you stumble, get back up. What happened yesterday no longer matters. Today is another day so get on track and move closer to your dreams and goals. You can do it.” – Unknown

    Addiction treatment and eventual recovery is never an easy road to take.  If being sober is not a very smooth road, can you imagine just how difficult the road of addiction is?  There will obviously be many obstacles and challenges.  Other people who you thought would be there to support and comfort you would eventually let you down and leave you.  All of these will add to the discouraging you and making the treatment of your drug addiction more difficult.  In these times, finding inspiration becomes crucial and when you begin to realize that drug addiction treatment is just a matter of moving from one day of soberness to the next, then you will understand that you can move on, that you can get better, and you will still be able to achieve your dreams.

  • “Cocaine for me was a place to hide. Most people get hyper on coke. It slowed me down. Sometimes it made me paranoid and impotent, but mostly it just made me withdrawn.” – Robin Williams

    Realization is a vital step to get over your drug addiction.  You need to realize why you are taking drugs, why you are continuously dependent on it, and what it is doing to you.  This is not easy, but it is important to do.  Once you have made the realization you can begin to hurdle that obstacle that has been keeping you tied to your addiction.  Unless you truly realize and accept the cause and consequences of your addiction, you will never move into recovery no matter what type of treatment you undergo.

  • “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

    What brought you to the stage of your addiction?  It is because of the way you thought and the way you made decisions before.  Unless you change the way you think, the way your mind works, it is unreasonable to think that you will change and overcome your addiction.  Drastic changes need to be made.  You have to commit and continue to think that a sober lifestyle is the only way for you.  Adopting new ways of thinking is not easy, but, it can be done.  And once you do this, you will see that you have become successful in creating a new beginning in your life.

There are so many who have gone into treatment, achieved recovery, only to relapse again.  Reading these drug addiction treatment quotes are positive confirmations that you are ready to move on, you are prepared to overcome, and you are no longer afraid to begin a life free of addiction.

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