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Breath Testing: Immediate Results Deliver Knowledge

Posted on :  August 26th, 2015  |  By :  towardsrecovery

Testing for drugs just got easier. Move over urine samples and blood tests, now all that is needed is breath.

Moving Away from Urine and Blood Tests

For years, the test of choice for drugs or alcohol has been the urine test. This invasive test is not always reliable. There are several ways for users to get around the test, by purchasing clean urine and by loading samples with other substances and medications. Since the sample has to be obtained with a witness, many people find that it is an invasion of privacy to ask for a urine sample. The samples can also be mishandled and contaminated. Time is overdue for a new, more efficient way to test for drugs.

Detecting Tiny Particles in the Moisture of the Exhalation

The new approach is through a breath test. The process is called liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. It is a very sensitive method that works by capturing the particles in an exhalation. The device filters the exhalation for drugs and can find everything from cocaine and marijuana to amphetamines and methamphetamines. With a quick turn-around time, this testing method will be useful for law enforcement officers who need to know right away if a perpetrator is under the influence of dangerous and illegal narcotics. When drivers are pulled over the driving infractions, police can use this breath test to immediately tell if the driver is a safety hazard.

Providing Immediate Feedback for Decision Makers

Along with law enforcement officers, employers will also benefit from immediate knowledge about drug abuse. Some employers use random drug testing to insure that their employees are sober at work. Professional and amateur athletic teams will also be able to tell if their athletes are high before they venture onto the field. Employees who work in emergency rooms will also be able to make better decisions for patient care based on the results of these fast tests, too. School officials can also use the test to see if students are under the influence and they can make quick decisions about suspensions. The breath test can also tell medical personnel if a patient is their prescribed medications; taking medications is a problem for people with some psychological disorders.

Preventing Safety Hazards at the Work Place

Testing for illegal drugs and knowing immediate results is important for several reasons. One of the most important is that many drug users are employed. Of those drug users, many of them actually go to work high, which creates a major safety hazard for themselves and for the people who work with them. Employers who can immediately test employees will be able to cut down on workplace accidents, productivity loss, and medical expenses.

Saving Money with the New Breath Test

When looking at the numbers relating to employees who are drug users, some estimate the close to 45,000 people come to work high annually. This is a big number and it can be costly. Because of the expenses involved in loss of productivity and costs of accidents, it is a good idea for employers to randomly test their employees for drug use. About 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies test their employees for drug use both randomly and regularly.

Employee Hiring and Retention Numbers will Change

Employees who use drugs and have to be fired cost employers. Hiring and training new, replacement employees is expensive. Because of this growing expense, many employers are performing drug tests prior to employment. Around 70 percent of large employers do this. With the old blood tests and urine tests, lab expenses and medical expenses are high for employers. This new breath test makes drug testing affordable for all employers and it removes the wait time completely.

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